He’s moved on…

Last night at a friend’s house we were talking about exes and how we wondered what they thought of us now, and if they did at all.

So this morning, silly me, did a bit of a facebook stalk, and discovered my ex from last year has indeed moved on. I thought I would be upset, though strangely enough I didn’t really feel anything.

This was a guy I had known off and on for 8 years. Upon reconnecting last year he had in a way promised me everything, then decided at the last minute it was all too much, and he was moving to London. And for those of you who don’t know where I am, I’m in AUSTRALIA. He was literally moving to the other side of the world. He completely cut me out of his life, and it was only through a mutual friend that I learned he ended up moving back here a few months ago. I have not tried to contact him at all.

I spent the end of last year, and a good chunk of the start of this one, hating the world and in a weird way hating God as I just couldn’t handle the fact that why after all this waiting did I have to lose him again, and in such a way. I’ve spent the past year being such a man-hater it’s not even funny. I would rarely give one the time of day. To be honest, I was totally rude.

Now here I am, the year is ending and it would seem I’m just not as affected by it anywhere near as much as I thought I was anymore. I am trying to move on myself, giving someone a chance for the first time in so long, and while I have no idea where that will go, it is nice for me to realise I can move on now too.

Praise God!

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